About us

Our dream is to touch the lives of everyone around us with love and happiness. Whether that be through healing, laughing or a simple smile. Everyone should feel important and worth something.

To be apart of a change for good – to feel like we are being the best me we can be and doing the best we can do. To lend a hand to an injured animal, to be an ear to those who don’t get their stories told, to create something that emits a rush of positive energy, to make others feel as good as we do. To help others to be free to live their ”dreams”. To spread knowledge, to better our world, to make the sun shine for our loved ones even when the skies are grey.

Our dream is  not infinite youth, It is to leave our own little watermark on the Universe, a piece of ourself that Iwe would be proud to leave behind.

To find an unselfish balance between appreciation and acceptance of what we have accomplished on our list, as well as what is still to come. To actually be in the moment without thinking about what is next. To meet people without judgement and collect all we can from them. To write and keep up with thoughts, sights, learnings  and feelings. To become wiser, allow all that is around us to help us grow.  To find something beautiful in everyone everyday.

We dream of communicate with people who share different views of the world. We dream of letting go of any insecurities that may hold us back from embracing the world. To live in the present, and not in the past or future. To live our dream and be happy. We dream of letting go…

As spiritual teachers we want to uplift, inspire, empower all souls to rise up to their true potential and purpose through coaching and writing. We dream to live in abundance doing the work of our ”higher Self” – the work we truly believe in.  We dream of waking up every morning with a burning passion, unwavering faith and filled with love.

Our dream is to live freely, give to others and just enjoy the small things in life, that gives so much pleasure, and to meet people that are different, beautiful, amazing and inspiring…